Cheaper by the Dozen

“I ki mini ki ki um chaa chaa Pe wha wha”

How many of us have used the “if you get lost, then call out……?”  have I remembered it correctly?   When I think about “I ki mini ki ki um chaa chaa Pe wha wha”, a whole flood of memories materialize. Particularly Wilsonia.  And the old, dilapidated log cabin that we slipped inside only to end up getting in trouble with the law.  That was horrible.  Or the hikes up to the look out tower.   And  monopoly games.  Hey, does anyone have a picture of the cabin we stayed in or better yet, can find where it exists — hmmm, first family reunion –meet at the Wilsonia cabin.



  1. ptempleton09

    I totally forgot about that chant! We used it a lot when Leah was little but haven’t chanted that for YEARS (she sooo much older now). I definitely remember Wilsonia and the house where we almost got busted. Didn’t Chris pretend she was deaf and tried to use fake sign language to get out of trouble? Ahhhh, good times.

  2. 11jmd

    You have it written correctly. I remember playing spoons, and singing campfire songs. Didn’t that cabin belong to a friend of dad’s? Or am I thinking of the beach house in Aptos? How about Aptos for the second family reunion?

    • I have looked for that beach house in Aptos millions of times. Need more info. Picture, or of course the address would be nice.

  3. kcsheep

    This is really cool Georgene. Currently I an using this as email because I don’t have your address. We are in Juneau and at least have access to the Internet, no phone for Sprint customers yet, maybe when we get to Sitka.

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