Any memories connected to this photo?

Any memories connected to this photo?

One of my all-time favorite photos. Spark any memories?


2 thoughts on “Any memories connected to this photo?

  1. Hello Blog,
    I think it was the summer of 1976…It was sometime after I had taken my big trip to Hawaii with Debbie, Patty, and Tori…the Puka shells give it away. Golly we were all dressed pretty nicely! That’s another thing mom made sure we knew how to dress…how did she get us all dressed up and out the door for church?…Amazing…

  2. I think we were attending Judy Walt’s wedding. Not sure of the year, but Christine had gotten back from the Peace Corps not too long before. The red shirt she is wearing was a favorite of mine, maybe as a hand-me-down. I just remember wearing it a lot when I was at Chico., which was at least four years later.

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