Really? Where did this come from?

Always found on mantle of Mom and Dad’s fireplace.

Cornstarch, Constance?  What gives?  The fact that it has been up on the mantle for years and I don’t know its significance is incredible or incredibly sad!  There are three other things on the mantle, two of which I could explain easily, can anyone guess what they are?


6 thoughts on “Really? Where did this come from?

  1. 1 Wooden plaque with the poem:
    “The Wise Old Owl who lived in the oak
    the more he saw, the less he spoke
    the less he spoke, the more he heard.
    Why can’t we be like that wise old bird?”

    2 Also, Dad’s “letter” from CSU… aggies.

    I am not certain of the Cornstarch trinket, but I think that “Cornstarch” was the endearment used by Dad when referring to Mom. Maybe this was a gift from one of the kids years ago?

    1. Hey, Robby, You were right about the wise old owl plaque, but Dad’s “Aggies” letter is not there, at least as of Nov. of last year, 2011. I remember the letter and it does seem like it was one of things found on the mantle, not sure its whereabout is now.
      Hint: the other two items have to do with names.

      1. The other item is not a name so much as part of a message. The words were “never cheat”. I stole the ‘never’ word and the ‘a’ off of cheat. Thought it would be cute to have my favorite brother’s name on display for everyone to see.

      2. Yes, that’s the second item, CHET. Last hint for the remaining item. The name of a person who gave us the genes we needed to be either male or female.

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