Time for a pool.

We’ve been experiencing Bakersfield weather here in Hollister over the last couple of days, upwards of 90 degrees.   Immediately, I think it’s time to put in a pool.  But then I’m reminded of our family doctor.  He is a young, extremely conscientious doctor.  And  definitely doesn’t follow the “if it hurts when you move it that way, then don’t move it that way” mentality.  Upon my first visit, he began the exam with “how is you Mother?”.  At the time I thought to myself, huh, how nice that he’d want to know.  Of course, after many visits of “how’s your mother doing?”,  I finally realized that he is just being proactive.  Another topic that he found more interesting than I did, was the fact that I had spent umpteen number of years sitting out by the pool getting a tan.  He was actually pretty horrified by the idea.  He himself grew up on the East coast, and I think he probably spent most afternoons reading books and such indoors.  At any rate, he was very concerned for me and continues to ask if I don’t indeed apply sunscreen when I am outside.  Of course now, I’m not sitting by any pool, but I do find myself outside a lot in the garden.  He’d be happy to know, he has had an impact.  I wear long sleeve shirts and pants and usually a hat of some sort when I’m outside.  Nothing like the old days.

Maybe we didn’t apply sunscreen but we did put drops in our ears.  Who knows exactly what we were putting into our ears, but it was supposed to help against …. infections?  It never seemed like anyone was going to the doctor for ear  problems, but I don’t know that I paid much attention to a lot of things that may have been happening.   Before the pool, we swam our summers either at Lakeside School or in the irrigation ditches.  I was always fascinated with what seemed like really cool waterfalls.  It was actually where the ditches changed in elevation, and perhaps to control the water movement, but what did I know.  We’d  swim up and down the ditch, get to a “waterfall”, swim to the inside and look out from the inside.  It was awesome.  Soon, the pool was built.  I believe it was 1967, the youngest was two and the oldest was eighteen.  Probably a “no brainer” decision on Mom and Dad’s part.  The first day for actual swimming was on a Sunday.  We had to go to church first, I wore my bathing suit under my church clothes and when we got home, out to the pool we ran.  The pool has served our family well.  It’s beautiful, and in the beginning there was a silver dollar at the bottom.  Lots of pool parties for us, grandkids,  FFA kids, parents’ friends kids.

No doubt, if Mom and Dad knew of the risks involved with tons of sunbathing, we would have been applying sunscreen just as much as we did the ear drops.  It’s amazing how Mom continued to have so many things going on all the time.  And to think she was probably the only one who got hurt from the pool.  (Remember the knee catastrophe?)  Well, that’s for another blog.

For now, I’ll just keep enjoying Mom’s pool.  Anyone up for a pool party at Mom’s?


3 thoughts on “Time for a pool.

  1. Great fun swimming in the ditches. Waterfalls made by the weirs – kind of like a dam. Fun to be behind the waterfall. Our other option was to play in the flooded pastures. The water was only a few inches deep but it was wet and cool. Now that I think about it, we ?never? thought about the cow crap that was also in the flooded pastures.

    But then, we didn’t wear seat belts in the car either.

  2. I have no recollection of the ear drops. I don’t really remember the ditches and the mud pool either except that there is a picture or two of some of us standing in the mud.
    I do remember wearing a bathing suit to church in order to be in the pool as soon as we got home.
    Other memories:
    Sun tan oil – was there even such a thing as sunscreen back then?
    The boys making those huge waves with a raft.
    Playing Marco….
    Playing another game with a popsicle stick.
    The boys diving dangerously close to the other side of the pool.
    Doing hand stands in the shallow end.
    Draining the green stuff and watching it SLOWLY fill up again with crystal clear water.
    Watching Leah take her first jump off of the diving board. She was only three at the time and was soooo excited to be up so high!
    Great pictures — and a fun trip down memory lane.

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