Seven Sisters

I was browsing through an on-line nursery,,  and lo and behold I find a rose dating back to 1817 called Seven Sisters.  Now how can I resist buying that?

This picture dates back to 1980. Not sure the whereabouts.   Any other pictures of all seven of us sisters out there?


5 thoughts on “Seven Sisters

  1. Thank you, Mickey, for the reference to the heavens…love that constellation (although it is difficult to look at…not sure why?)

  2. Definitely Chet’s graduation party as I remember freezing my toches off and seeing in this photo (a gem btw!!) that Carrie had on my jacket, now I know why! Looks like a Jewish or Arab person had us pose for the picture — doesn’t it read a little right to left?? 😉

  3. That is a great picture – can’t believe it’s been that long ago. I sort of remember Chet’s college graduation. Wasn’t CL living in The City at the time and didn’t we visit her while we were in the area?

  4. I think this picture was taken at Chet’s college graduation from SF State. I remember we had a picnic reception following the ceremony at a park area quite close to the campus. That’s an amazing picture!

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