How cool. Here we are again.

This has to be from the early 90’s, but not sure of the occasion.  Doesn’t look green enough for Easter.

Wouldn’t it be cool for another picture with all seven of us, and maybe, just maybe the boys can be in it too.


3 thoughts on “How cool. Here we are again.

  1. There are definitely more pictures of just the seven girls together than just the five boys. In fact, I’d wager a bet that there may be zero pictures of just the five boys. I can think of one where we were with dad, but never just the boys alone. I have just thrown down the gauntlet. Anyone care to pick it up?

      1. Never going to live that down am I.
        At least I’m not the only boy to miss a wedding where absolutely everyone else in the family was there. Care to speak up Russell??
        BTW- I was in Washington DC doing special ops work for the government. Not in Europe.

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