Only Our Family Would Make This A Tradition

Lakin stumbled across some old video that I took before she was born.  I must have purchased a new video camera just before this trip to Bakersfield, because I taped a lot of stuff. I have over an hour of  all the events before, during and after our thanksgiving get together in 1998.  Anyway, this one clip caught my eye.  Is this only a “Dickson” tradition or do other families try to make each other laugh at the most socially inappropriate times?

I’m pretty sure this is the last time the Dickson 12 were at Thanksgiving dinner together. The video shots of the house completely packed with tables, chairs, food and people make me want for yesteryear. Watching the “X-mas card picture recreation” and the late night card playing was classic.


5 thoughts on “Only Our Family Would Make This A Tradition

  1. Did somebody drop something? I remember one time when I had to give a speech and I didn’t really have it memorized I put a kind of a ‘cue card’ on the ground and would look down to check my notes.

  2. OMG…do you remember Grandmother’s memorial service at All Saints Episcopal Church? Not saying who started it, but it was pretty bad (and funny)…once we got started, it just wouldn’t stop (until you looked at the priest who looked annoyed…cuz really, we were semi-grown people)…I really think Grandmother wouldn’t have minded…we loved her and she loved us…she would have preferred laughter over tears…

  3. Yes, the cake swipe has definitely been passed down.
    Lakin pointed out something to me. At the end of the video, did anyone else notice what Russell is doing with his hand? He is a pretty funny guy!

  4. Here’s another of what has to be an only Dickson tradition in the name of totally inappropriate socially and that’s when we swipe our finger across the frosting of a cake before it gets cut and served. I know that one has been passed down to the next generation.

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