Playing games, to me, was a pre-requisite to being a part of the family. Perhaps they were an outcome of the competitive nature that siblings exhibit as they mature, but I imagine these games were encouraged by mom and dad to help maintain some control over the chaos.
This is one of my favorites even though it didn’t make the scene until after Christine brought it back from her stint in Belize. (I’m pretty sure it was a drinking game. Whatever, it was so much fun that I have introduced it to everyone.)

What other games did we play as a family?
I recall: softball during the Saturday/Sunday picnics, spoons, bullshit, freeze tag (in pool and out), hearts, hide and go seek (I think Emily broke my arm during that game. Thanks for ruining my professional sports career, by the way.)
What am I missing?


2 thoughts on “Games

  1. “Get more Lovin'”?? I’ll take a neck from some ‘ole bottle, I’ll take a leg from some ‘ole chair, …… and I’ll get more Loving from the gosh darn dummy than I ever got from you – get out and waaaaalk.
    More fun to sing than the lyrics imply but …. .
    Don’t remember the rooster game (or song). Or the “noskcid” song.

  2. The games were great. The rooster was one of the top winners along with spoons for me. I don’t remember the “BS” game, maybe you were playing it with the guys while the girls were taking a picture.
    But here’s a challenge. Remember all those songs we used to sing? Like the rooster song, there was the “Can’t go to heaven” and of course the “noskcid” song. Anyone able to sing the whole song and post it/them?

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