This one’s for you, Mickey…

…in response to your “throw down the gauntlet” challenge…always willing to pick it up…I debated with myself about waiting until all “wagers” were on the table, but I lost the debate (compelled by some childhood force?), so here you go!

This picture was taken at Christmas 1969…would that make you 6 years old?  It was the annual family Christmas picture.  For that year’s sitting, there were pictures taken of just girls, just boys, one with mom and dad, and the one we sent out for our holiday greetings.  Love the pose…the hands, the legs, the neck and head posture…boys trying to look like tough guys?…for 1969 you all had pretty short hair cuts…and the clothes…love the shoes…

What a great picture…it’s a remarkable picture…a wonderful Dickson tradition mom and dad put into place.  It was always such a big deal.  We had to figure out what we were going to wear (which may have been a bigger issue for the girls than for the boys, did you notice the knee socks on the girls’ picture and the dress I’m wearing which I sewed myself), and we had to make sure we were ready on time, and we had to be in a good mood, and SMILE!  All of this, of course, was orchestrated, directed, and produced by mom…and she loved doing it…what a great cast we were…

Would you like to wager that there is not another picture of “just the five boys?”  Let’s make it interesting…


2 thoughts on “This one’s for you, Mickey…

  1. WOW! It is fortunate we don’t remember EVERYthing. I suppose that’s why Kodak was born. Nice socks Chuck. Even better shoes on Russ. Mickey, why don’t your feet reach the ground??
    No spontaneous pictures of the boys is a pretty safe bet. And we’re all the better for it.

  2. Nicely done, Emily.
    Yes, we all tried to look like tough guys. I don’t think Robert or Chuck did a very good job. You can see a slight smile on their faces. They don’t belong in the tough guy club!

    Immediately following the comment and challenge that I made, I noticed the picture of the seven girls sitting on the hearth and thought, “Oh crap. I’m sure they did the same with the boys.”
    After all these years, I can not recall ever seeing this picture.
    I will now have to retract my challenge and declare you the victor.
    Although, I bet there are no pictures taken spontaneously (read- not a xmas card picture) of the five boys. I should be safe with that statement.

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