Less than a week away

Often times it takes me 365 days to think about what I’m going to give Mom for her birthday.    It’ll be her 86th come July 12th.  2012 – 1926 = 86!!  As of this writing, I’m still thinking, but I do have a few more days left.    Now 86 has special meanings in and of itself, but for now, it’s all about the present.

Mom definitely did her fair share of present giving.  She made sure your birthday was like no other.  The quote, “what do you think it is, your birthday?”, has significant meaning.  There were parties when we were young, and yellow boxes as we got older.  Ordering Smith’s cakes, which were decorated special for each person and then having to think about what to give each person and she did this 12 times a year, gives her that living legacy honor.

There were a lot of great presents given to Mom.  The one which probably had the biggest impact on her was when she was given about six peacocks.  I do believe RKD, the III (a great story behind that name, by the way) gave her the first of all her peacocks.  Not sure of the year, but ever since there have been many “peacock” presents headed her way.   One year I even gave Mom a set of peacock feather earrings.  (Probably not one of my best gifts).  I think she still has them in the  guest bedroom next to the kids room in the main house. There isn’t a time when I see a peacock type figurine that I don’t think of Mom.

To this day  I think there are still a couple of peacocks roaming around the yard, hard to say.

I know this sounds a little cheesy, but I think the present Mom loves more than anything was when we gathered together as a family.

This photo was taken at Thanksgiving, either 1997 or 1998.  Pretty sure it was 1998, if there is someone who could verify, that’d be great.

But look at Mom.  Doesn’t she look beside herself?  Granted this was not her birthday, but it shows how much she loves having family around.  So what am I going to give Mom this year?  Good question.  I think I’ll wait until July 12 to let you know.


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