Dickson’s Mashed Potatoes and bread crumbs drenched in butter…

Here is the recipe for the Dickson’s Mashed Potatoes…the page number refers to a page in the recipe book from JLB published in 1985.

Loved mom’s macaroni and cheese and especially the bread crumbs drenched in butter…in fact, I think I remember that most of mom’s casseroles were absolutely delicious and were always topped with bread crumbs drenched in butter!  Mmmm…

Also, I loved anything and everything from Smith’s Bakery; the cookies, the cakes, the pies, the doughnuts that mom would lock away in the outside freezer thinking that we could not get to them, but we always would (she had to have known! 🙂  Mmmm…

Another favorite…spending the night at Grandmother’s…for breakfast she would always fix eggs, bacon and toast made with Oroweat Wheatberry bread!  Mmmm…on some mornings I can duplicate the smell of those Grandmother breakfasts!

Loved Congo Bars!  And in my opinion the best maker of Congo Bars was Christine…head and shoulders above anyone else!  Anyone have the original recipe?

Pretty much ate everything mom dished out, EXCEPT Mountain Oysters and green jello with cottage cheese and walnuts…


One thought on “Dickson’s Mashed Potatoes and bread crumbs drenched in butter…

  1. NIce. I like the “serves 12” at the end. Although, I’m pretty sure I only received a half of a portion because of my piggy older brothers.

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