Macaroni Recipe

Macaroni Recipe

This is the recipe for Mom’s macaroni – in her own handwriting. I’m not sure when I asked for it but at some point I did and then tucked it away. We’ve made this a few times — Leah’s favorite part is the toasted bread crumbs drenched in butter. I’d have to say that’s my favorite part too.
I can remember this, Dickson Mashed Potatoes, Cream of Mushroom Toast, and Sloppy Joes as my favorite dishes. Any other favorite Dickson Dishes??


One thought on “Macaroni Recipe

  1. I wonder if the recipe is actually Grandmother’s that was passed down to Mom. It was a staple. Also on the list would be Congo Bars and taco salad. And let’s not forget our recipe for thousand island dressing, a few spoonfuls of mayo and add catsup until it gets to the right color red. For a long time I never even knew there were other kinds of dressings. I would love to have the Dickson’s mashed potato recipe if anyone has it.

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