Out of respect for Dad

It’s been 36 years since Dad has passed away.  And each year on his deathday (March 11) I give a little “heads up” to him.  I think if Dad were alive today, he’d probably be doing the same for his Dad.  So, I shall do it for him.  It was 37 years ago, July 5th (I know, I know, I’m a couple of days off) when he passed away.

Here’s to HKD, Grandpa, Cranpa how ever you remember him most fondly.  (1890 – 1975)  I think the newspaper article (found today as I am cleaning through piles of papers) does a great job of describing who he was.

I always wonder why it has taken me 54 years to appreciate things, instead of appreciating them while they were happening.  Like, I came across Dad’s obituary pamphlet and there’s a list of names for his pallbearers etc.  I want to know more about those people.  And why don’t I recognize who they are?  I don’t want to complicate things by wishing they were different, I’ll just have to find out now or live with what I do know.


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