Cheaper by the Dozen

Summer- getting ready for fair, built so much character, no?


1967                                                                                               1975

What’s really amazing is in 1975, Dad beginning to feel the ills of cancer, Mom keeps things going.  She gets everybody to the fair, there were 5 of us showing that year.  Not sure why Chet wasn’t, I know that we finally got to decide for ourselves after a certain point.  Fair time is crazy.  Everyone needs their animals weighed, clipped, washed, fed etc.  Not to mention finding white pants in Sept/Oct.  But Mom did it. Year in and year out.  Even after 1975, Mom continued to have us raise and show animals.  I’m pretty certain Virginia showed when she was an FFA member.  Mom, you deserve of sooooo much more.  I wish I could give it to you!

1975 – Dad and Robby                                                              1978 – Mom and Mickey

Of course it doesn’t mean that we loved every minute of it.

Patsy, didn’t you set up some deal with Chet to train your springer heifer one year?



  1. Dickson Chet

    Chet wouldn’t have participated in 1975 because he graduated from high school in spring of ’75.
    Yes, Patsy made a deal – I trained her heifer to show and if I remember correctly (I probably do) Patsy didn’t show the heifer. Can’t remember the reason. All that hard work on my part down the drain. I just hope that ole heifer is still alive walking behind a halter.

    • Yes, that would explain it.

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