Cheaper by the Dozen

August birthdays

Bob Dickson, Brynn Becker Dickson, Leah Templeton, Rich Peckham, and of course Grace Mildred Dickson Smith.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone!!!

Grace Smith, a.k.a. Aunt Grace was born August 16, 1902.  Here she is with Mom in 2005.

Aunt Grace was 103 years old at the time.  Mom looks pretty good herself!

Tidbit info- Mom used to get a bouquet of flowers for Aunt Grace on the 16th of every month.  I don’t remember exactly how old Grace was when Mom began that tradition, I think Grace was around 95.  Little did Mom know that Grace would live until she was 104!  May you rest in peace, Aunt Grace.



  1. dicksonrk

    Aunt Grace was my favorite… We even named Zayna after her, Zayna’s middle name is Grace, and Zayna was born 100 years after Aunt Grace, less 5 months. It is a nice family story; the sisters who lived in Watsonville, after growing up on a Dairy farm with a Strawberry patch. California pastoral: Idyllic, really.

  2. ekdp6

    What a nice remembrance…

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