Cheaper by the Dozen

Dickson Farm, Ryegate, Vermont circa 1900



  1. harry kleiser

    I was hoping to connect with the person who posted this photo. My great grandfather was William John Dickson from Ryegate. My grandfather was Frederick William Dickson, and my mother was Grace Dollar Dickson. William John Dickson grew up in that house. He came west about 1850 and, with his brothers, settled in San Geronimo, California. Apparently, you are descended from his brother, Robert Dickson, whose son, Robert Knox Dickson, settled in Watsonville. I would like to know the location of the Ryegate farm. My wife and I visited Ryegate last year but could not find the farm. Thanks. Harry Kleiser

    • Hi Harry, I am Georgene Dickson Becerra and indeed posted the pictures of the Rygate farmstead on our blog. I’m glad you came across the blog and found the pictures enjoyable. It’s amazing how the internet truly connects everyone together. The pictures have come from my grandfather, Howard Dickson whose father was Robert Knox Dickson, the one you mentioned about settling in Watsonville, family’s belongings. His sister, Grace Dickson Smith had a daughter, Gene Scoville who has also provided us with some photos. She has actually been back to Vermont and visited the farm, as I understand. She will be celebrating her 80th birthday this year and I will try to find out if she doesn’t have a specific address or whereabouts of the farm. I had the opportunity, two summers ago to have visited Rygate and went to the cemetery. I attached a couple of photos representing members of the Dickson clan. Perhaps you were able to find the cemetery when you were there. I don’t recall the name of the cemetery and will have to look it up in our scrapbook. I’m sure the farm must be near there, but I didn’t get a chance to spend more than one day as we were traveling through Vermont. I wished I had planned more time. Family ancestry has been an exercise of delight. It’s amazing how much information is available about our ancestors. One of my sisters, Emily, has gone to great lengths to research many of the persons and has taken our family tree back to James Dickson married to Jean Lawrie from Scotland in the early 1700’s. She mentions it’s equivalent to a compiling a research paper. As I try to find out more details regarding the Rygate farm I will email you the information. If I can I will try to get an email adress for Gene Scoville. I know she has been to Vermont and I believe she was with her mother, Grace Dickson. Kind regards,Georgene

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  2. harry kleiser

    Who put this together? I am descended from William John Dickson.

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