Cheaper by the Dozen

Carrie Virginia Vannoy 1889-1976

1974 - grandmother

What a remarkable woman.  Born Feb. 4, 1889 in Dinuba, California.  Died Feb 3, 1976, Bakersfield, CA, at 86 years.

Fond memories of Grandmother-
Shared birthday with Caroline, Dodge dart, Dracena apt with patio garden, smile.

1964 - macdonald cousins (frick and gardner)

The Macdonald cousins, 1964.  Dickson’s, Frick’s and Gardner’s.

Carrie Vannoy Macdonald with daughters Louise, Marian and Constance

Grandmother Carrie Virginia, far left with her three daughters, top, Marian, Louise, and Constance.

1976 - grandmother in Dracena apt.

Grandmother Carrie Virginia sitting at her kitchen table in Dracena apartment.  May have had a bridge party later that day.

img225 3


Always an integral part of our family.  If our dining room table could talk…..



  1. Joyce Burt

    Caroline forwarded this wonderful memento to me about me beloved Aunt Carrie. She treasured Joe and me as children of her loved brother Chet and was always important in our lives. Anyone who knew her honored her. Love to you all in our common memories of your grandmother and my aunt. from Joyce Van Noy Burt

  2. Thanks Georgene. What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday with sweet memories of grandmother !!

    Caroline Berry Sent from my iPhone

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