Cheaper by the Dozen

The authors: the twelve siblings

About Georgene Marie Dickson Becerra.

I often find myself using gmarieb as a way of identifying myself.  I’d have it on my license plate, but apparently there is another gmarieb out there.  I’m the eighth child of twelve.  As in “eight maids a milking”.  But before I digress.  I have decided to begin a blog about being part of a big family, the Dickson family, hence the name “Noskcid”.    There are so many things that were so good, too good to let them drift away.  One of them is obviously about our mother, Constance Lee Macdonald Dickson.  I have just finished talking with her on the phone.  She lives in Bakersfield with her husband of 6 years and has been diagnosed with Alzhiemers.  I find her to be an incredible person.  I talk with her at least two to three times a week.  And she comments about how wonderful “that” must be, whatever “that” really means to her.  Maybe because of her illness I have found the need and desire to begin this blog.  I hope I give as much enjoyment to those who read this as I hope to get from those who reply and or author a few stories of their own.

I have grown to believe that life for me has been awfully good.  I reside in Hollister, Ca. with my husband of 25 years , John, and our son Brian.  Our older children, Jon-Michael and Stephanie, both in their 30’s are married and have children of their own.  I always wanted them to have the kind of childhood I had experienced.  I thought mine was that good!  I have realized that you can’t mimic or recreate some things, childhoods included.  I can only hope they found their childhood with as many fond memories as I found mine to have had.

Speaking of childhood memories, and getting back to the Noskcid blog.  No doubt it will evolve over time, but for right now, I think it will be fun to recall things from the past; old pictures, quotes, recipes etc and find out how the other 11 remember those things. O.K., maybe I’m opening a can of worms, but “black gold” is valuable, so let’s let the memories begin.  (For Mom’s sake).


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