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The Boys 1974

1974 – Look this way and smile.  And Robby says, “Wait, wait, take it again, I wasn’t ready.” Both are definitely on the same day, not sure which photo was taken first.  Maybe Robby remembers the real story. Advertisements

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The Boys 1980

 Hi Mickey, I found this one among my wedding pictures…I like this picture a lot…the boys definitely got the handsome and athletic genes!  It may belong in the same category as the Christmas pics, but I thought you’d like it anyway!

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This one’s for you, Mickey…

…in response to your “throw down the gauntlet” challenge…always willing to pick it up…I debated with myself about waiting until all “wagers” were on the table, but I lost the debate (compelled by some childhood force?), so here you go! This picture was taken at Christmas 1969…would that make you 6 years old?  It was the …

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