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Before and After -1976 pool

A summer ritual.  The only thing misleading about this picture is that there are no girls photographed.  I know we were there.  Perhaps after the boys finished brigading the water from the bottom of the pool, then the girls scrubbed the sides.  Sounds rather sexist though.   And of course we had help from Mr. …

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Time for a pool.

We’ve been experiencing Bakersfield weather here in Hollister over the last couple of days, upwards of 90 degrees.   Immediately, I think it’s time to put in a pool.  But then I’m reminded of our family doctor.  He is a young, extremely conscientious doctor.  And  definitely doesn’t follow the “if it hurts when you move …

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Really? Where did this come from?

Cornstarch, Constance?  What gives?  The fact that it has been up on the mantle for years and I don’t know its significance is incredible or incredibly sad!  There are three other things on the mantle, two of which I could explain easily, can anyone guess what they are?

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